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Key Cutting Service Information now offers a unique key cutting opportunity for select items. The keys found within this list can be cut specifically for your vehicle before they’re shipped. This is a secure service that iKeyless provides, utilizing our professional team. Upon adding a qualifying key to your cart you’ll see a prompt with instructions for how you can add this service to your order.

Benefits of this Service

Choosing key-cutting by VIN can save you up to 50% off the normal price of having a key outfit for your vehicle when all are lost. New keys cut by VIN operate better than a key that’s made from a copy of another key. This service saves time, money, and eliminates the risk of damage to your ignition or locks by tools used to originate keys.

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  • If you’re purchasing a transponder key, it MUST be programmed before it will start your vehicle.
  • You’re purchasing a key cutting service only. Programming can be done by a dealer or qualified locksmith.
  • For security reasons, your package will require a signature upon delivery.
  • You must provide identification proving the package is yours.
  • Proof of ownership must be provided in order to complete the process.
  • The address and name on your proof of ownership must match the shipping address.
  • You’ll be emailed information about this process after checkout is complete.
  • If the locks or ignition on your vehicle have ever been changed, this solution will not work.
  • VIN information will only provide codes for original equipment on your vehicle.
  • No refunds (partial or in full) can be issued for key cutting services after the key has been shipped and received by the customer. If a customer returns a key cut by iKeyless, only the original key price, not the key cutting service cost, will be refunded.
  • Most key cut orders will ship same day, but due to a possible delay in receiving the key codes, please allow up to 3 days to ship all keycut orders.

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